• Oils and Fats Analysis: 29thDGF Proficiency Test 2023

    Organised by the German Society for Fat Science (DGF).

    37 parameters can be tested this year.

    Each laboratory may choose an individual set of parameters from the list below. The execution and the evaluation of the laboratory proficiency test are carried out according to the internationally recognized recommendations "Proficiency Testing of Laboratories" of Codex Alimentarius and ISO.

    List of parameters:


    1. Acid value (Free Fatty Acids)
    2. Peroxid value
    3. Anisidine value
    4. Di- and Polymerized Triacylglycerols Parameter of interest: Di-, tri- and oligomeric triacylglycerols = Sum of dimeric, trimeric and oligomeric tricylglycerols
    5. Total polar compounds
    6. Tocopherols (alpha- Tocopherol, beta-Tocopherol, gamma- Tocopherol and delta- Tocopherol, composition and amount)
    7. Lovibond Colour Index (yellow and red)
    8. CIELAB Colour Index
    9. Gardner Colour Index
    10. Phosphorus
    11. Chromium
    12. Copper
    13. Iron
    14. (NEW) Lead
    15. (NEW) Nickel
    16. Smoke point
    17. Water (Karl Fischer)


    18. Iodine value
    19. Saponification value
    20. Butyric acid, quantitative
    21. FAME composition
    22. Triacylglycerol composition (GC-FID)
    23. Sterol composition and amount

    Olive oil and minor compounds:

    24. Stigmastadiene
    25. Alkyl esters (Methyl esters (C16 and C18) and Ethyl esters (C16 and C18))
    26. Pyropheophytin A
    27. Isomeric Diglycerides
    28. K-Values (UV Absorption K232, K270)

    Organic Contaminants

    29. PAH (the most important four acc.to EFSA)
    30. Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons
    31. 2-/3-MCPD/Glycidol
    32. Phthalates 33. Hexane Isomers, Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene
    34. Antioxidants

    Physical properties

    35. Refractive Index (20 °C)
    36. Density (20/20)
    37. Rancimat (120 °C, 10 L/h)


    Sample A: vegetable oil mix
    sample B: olive oil and sample
    C: used deep-frying oil.
    (150 g each, can be doubled on request)

    Participation Fee:

    400 Euro + VAT
    (a reduced fee of 360 Euro applies for DGF corporate members).

    Double amount of samples: add 60 Euro

    Shipping of Samples:

    add 5 Euro for Germany, 20 Euro for Europe and 40 Euro for World


    To register online follow this link.


    Registration: 03.06.2023
    Dispatch of samples: 01.07.2023
    Deadline of reports: 31.10.2023

    For further information please contact:
    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fettwissenschaft
    P.O. Box 90 04 40, 60486 Frankfurt/Main, Germany
    Phone +49 (0) 69- 7917 533, Fax +49 (0) 69- 7917 564
    E-Mail amoneit@dgfett.de
    (Scientific questions)
    Dr. Ludger Brühl (DGF division "Analysis, Quality and Product Safety")
    E-Mail: ludger.bruehl@mri.bund.de